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How to establish a personal relationship with God? :)

12 Sep

Getting to know God can be considered as the greatest knowledge of all. Through establishing a relationship with Him, God do offers His friendship freely to those who believe and accept Him as their God. Though you cannot touch nor see Him, you are pretty much sure that there is someone who loves you and cares for you. Your Lord, Father, and at the same time your best friend

First, you should know who God is, like knowing your fellow friends by reading the Holy Bible; familiarize yourself to His teachings, His plans for salvation and His goodness among the rest of the humankind. Next, you should not think that having a relationship with God is a religion. By this, you can offer your friendship to the Lord without any hesitation. God do offers His friendship to those who seeks His friendship as well.

After reading and knowing what the Word of God tells you. The next thing you should do is to believe and trust God. For some instance, you can find situations or experiences in the Bible that are somewhat confusing or out of one’s imagination like miraculous signs, creation of the world, crossing the Red sea, or resurrection of the dead. God did put these things in the Bible for you to realize His power and wonders. He created you. Everything you see is a reflection of His glory. God wants you to realize that He loves you with all His being and He wants to help you walk through life with Him, in everyday life and in your Spirit.

Of course, if you believe that God exists, you should put His will first before anything else, keep His commandments and put them all in your heart. (Matthew 22:35-38) Yes it is quite hard, but God assures you that your life will be in great satisfaction when applying these things. Then, love your fellow men: God says that loving others is to strengthen your friendship with God.

Repent your sins to God and promise not to sin again, give thanks to all what HE has done, and communicate with Him through prayer. Prayer doesn’t require a place or appropriate attire. Through silence, you can talk to God personally like sharing your secrets with your friends, though it is simple to say it to the King of Kings, still God is happy to know that even in our own simple ways, we trust Him as our best friend.

Commit your path to the Lord and ask Him for guidance and the blessing of the Holy Spirit, by having it, you will be a child of God and be with Him in the eternal life. God as Father wants His children to ask what they need. He wants the best for us and grants or answers our prayers in the right time, place and situation.

Lastly, tell God’s word to everyone. All people are creation of God, but not everyone is His child. Tell them who He is and encourage them to have a good relationship with God just like you.

God is always there for us, though problem hinders us sometimes and evil tempts us to do what is against God. He didn’t promise to make life easy, but He promised that He will be in our side always just like a friend. God is there, waiting for you, waiting you to renew your Christian life and be your very own best friend.