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*Building a Life-long Friendship

15 Sep

“Who finds a faithful friend, finds a treasure”. A faithful friend is one of the key to have a long lasting friendship. They are one of the people who are always there to make you smile, laugh and feel better. They can inspire you and never let you sits on a corner feeling left behind among others. But there are more things that you need to know in order to achieve a life-long friendship. Here are some of them.

  •  First, find someone or even a group of people that you can easily be with and would make you feel comfortable and carefree. Just remember to choose people that you want to get along with, wisely. It’s better to have friends that will lift you up instead of bringing you down.
  • Second, spend more time with those people to know them well. Know their personalities, likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Next, if you find your personalities compatible with each other then that’s the time that you should open up or share something about yourself. But if they have the opposite personalities with yours, don’t give up easily. Try to know them better, may be you can still get along with them even if you don’t have the same personalities, likes and others.
  • After some time, and you already have a smooth-sailing friendship then all you need to do is maintain it. If you can avoid having quarrels or misunderstanding, that’s good. Always listen to their explanations so you can understand them. Show respect to your friends, for you to earn their trust, acceptance and their respect for you also. Then, don’t forget to show them that you give importance to your relationship. Do something special to your friends or just spend your time bonding together. There are lots of things to do. You better try to do things that are unforgettable and will give you a lot of memories to reminisce after a year and so.
  • Next, avoid keeping secrets with each other but don’t forget to consider their privacy.  There are things that are too confidential for you to know.
  • Another one is you shouldn’t take advantage of your friends because it could destroy the friendship that you’ve already built. And lastly, you should be transparent to each other. Let them know your feelings. There are things that are too hard for us to tell than showing it.
  • And of course, accept if they notice something wrong in you because it is also for your own good. Remember that a real friend wants you to be a better individual than the other way around.

            These are some of the things that you should do or consider to make your friendship longer. Always remember that faithfulness is one of the most important things in friendship, that’s why it should always be there in order to have the long-lasting friendship that we want.

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