It matters not who you love, 
where you love, why you love, 
when you love, or how you love. 
It matters only that you love. :)

the reasons behind our blog :)

all of us believed that LOVE is important
and there are different
kinds of love that we should value.
in this blog you will see how we give advices,
value the love that we give on ourselves,
to others, to our family and to GOD.
we wanted to show how LOVE changes
everything in our lives.

we wanted to tell our own experiences through this blog and give
some advices to our dear readers
each and everyone has different experiences about love.
this blog was intended to our dear reader who experienced the
same that has LOVE matters.

IN this blog you will see the posts about

LOVE ---loving yourself
      (tells about how a person loves his/herself)
LOVE ---loving your family
    (tells about how we strengthen our realtionship to our family)
LOVE ---loving GOD
    ( tells about how to strenghten our faith to GOD)
LOVE ---loving your boyfriend/girlfriend
     (how to strengthen your relationship with your partners)
LOVE ---love to other people
          ( tells how to share love to other people)

all of these were all related on the things people experiences

Hope you like it and enjoy

REMEMBER to leave some comments and suggestions about our blog
thanks you

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