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10 Oct

Friendship is a part of each individual’s life. Friendship is also an important part of life of preadolescents (Britannica). We got to know a person for us to build a better relationship among them. But before we do that we should know how friendship works and ask things that explain what really a friendship means. Why is it important for us to be friends with others? What values shows a true friendship? What does is it gives you as an individual? When is the time that we need a friend? Does friendship only needs to be given to the right person? And how can friendship helps you to be a better person?

It is important for every individual to be friends with other people so that they can have someone who will accompany them in some situation. Friendship is a relationship that can be treasure and can help you gain trust from other people.

According to, there are values found in friendship:

  • The tendency to desire what is best for the other,
  •  sympathy and empathy,
  • honesty, perhaps in situations where it may be difficult for others to speak the truth, especially in terms of pointing out the perceived faults of one’s counterpart,
  •  mutual understanding and compassion;
  •  ability to go to each other for emotional support,
  • enjoyment of each others company,
  • trust in one another,
  • positive reciprocity — a relationship is based on equal give and take between the two parties,
  • the ability to be oneself, express one’s feelings and make mistakes without fear of judgment and
  • of course it is very important to have honesty, trust, sympathy, respect and helpfulness in friendship.

Friends can help you when you know that you can’t do something by yourself but those people are the ones who are willing to have a long-lasting friendship with you. Friendship helps you to have someone who will motivate you in your life, who can help in making you a better person and it gives you the assurance that there’s always someone that you can rely on to. But is there a right time to have a friend? , having a friend doesn’t need the right time, one should not find friend because they just need something or just want to take it for granted. You can find friends and have them if you feel that you’re alone because they can be the one who can cheer you up and give some colors into your life. But you should remember that you need to choose friends that can make you happy, the one that you can trust and may lead you to a right path. Because a right and healthy friendship among other people can give you chance to have someone whom you can ask, especially if you need another perspective in making big decisions in your life or even some flaws of yours that you need to be change in order to become a better person.

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out (Walter Winchell). It just shows that a real friend will never leave you. They are the one you can run into in difficult times.


9 Oct

Why do we need our family?

          Having a family is a gift that should be treasured and should be given an importance. First of all what is family? Why do we need our family? What are their roles in our life that influences us? What does a family really mean at all? What will happen if they fail to do their part in strengthening their family relationship?

         Family is a group of people, living together or in close contact, taking care of one another and providing guidance for their dependent members. As Filipino family we are described being basically nuclear but functionally extended. This means that most families consist of the parents and their children, but there is recognition and respect for the ties between the nuclear family and the whole network of relatives from both sides of the family (Patterson 1995). Eventually our family is important on the way God had given them to us, to love and care for us. We need a family to become a better person who knows how to be discipline in every ways. Our family was the ones who teach us to learn the things we need to face our future live full of battle in reality. In a family, the place where they dwell is called “Home” (Dorothy Rogers). Family played an important role in human development, especially on the children within the family. The parent should do their responsibilities to their child/children properly. Every action the parents will do maybe imitated by their children. Parents were the person who guides, love and supports their children as a dependent members of the family.

        Family stands an important role in the society, in which it serves as link between the individual and larger society (Leopando, 1999). The parents were the first person who will be showing the good examples to their children. Parents should do their obligation and responsibilities to strengthen and made their family a perfect family. Family is very important because you can easily get opened- up with them because they will make sure one will get the comfort they give. Family is important because even though the world falls down on you they are the only people who can comfort and would really love you the most. We should value our family because they are the only unique God given to us. We should consider how to values each and every one family members within a family. If a family would fail to do their responsibilities there is a tendency that a good relationship may shift directly to bad. That’s why we should love our parents, siblings and ourselves in considering how we can strengthen one’s relationship. Having a happy family is one of the envious things in this world. Complete and happy family would simply mean that a relationship where all good and they keep on strengthen it.

      We should all remember that family is a gift from God. We were all lucky to have a good family. Try strengthening your love on your family and loving one another to stay a good and forever relationship and we should give importance to our family by showing through acts or obeying through words. We should value and treasure our family because in the end they will be our greatest best friend whenever we needed them. “ the family that prays together stays together” (Family Rosary crusade) and remember to ask guidance to our GOD almighty.

Happiness! :D

9 Oct

What is the true meaning of happiness in one’s life?

The Essence of Happiness

            Happiness is one of the most important aspects in your life. All of us want to be happy but what is the true essence of happiness? If you are happy then you are contented with what you have. Being happy is a choice and in order to do that you must find your purpose in life and search for your true happiness.

Your ability to achieve your own happiness is the key measure of your success. The decisions we make play a major role in our goal to our happiness. The key to happiness is to dedicate yourself to the development of your talents and abilities by doing what you love to do, and doing it better. As Laurie Harley of Aardvark Writing said, Happiness is achieved by loving yourself first. You should discover who you are. Once you know what you like, you’ll have a better idea of how to love yourself more.  Cyrano of Rostand’s play said “I am what I am because early in life I decided that I would please at least myself in all things.” Your happiness depends upon your ability to please yourself in all things. No one can define happiness for you, only you know what makes you happy. Happiness is a choice, it’s up to you. The best way to assure the happiness of others is to be happy in yourself and then to share your happiness with the people around you.

“So many people walk around with a meaningless life. They seem half-asleep, even when they’re busy doing things they think are important. This is because they’re chasing the wrong things. The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.” – Morrie (Tuesdays with Morrie). Devote yourself on things that you can think that makes you happy. Don’t take for granted the things that matters most. Don’t waste the life that God has given to you. Search for your happiness and love the people that are part in your life. Nothing in this world is permanent. Value the people who are always there for you. To be truly happy, you must learn how to sacrifice. We all have experience or will be experiencing the darkest times but you should be brave to face it. Learn to let go and accept things. Keep in mind that there will be great things coming in your way. Just be yourself and learn to love wholeheartedly.

These are the essence of true happiness. Learning how to be open-minded, love others, love yourself, sacrifice and letting things go. You are in charge of your own life and your own happiness. Keep in mind that somehow happiness is on its way to your life, just learn to appreciate. Let go of your fears. Enjoy life. Love all the people around you. Make good relationships to others. Uncover the real you. Yourself is the key for the happiness.  🙂