18 Sep

                Every people have their right to love and to express it to someone, but what if you’re in love with someone you’d known for a long time? Would you sacrifice your friendship to have a relationship? If you’re about to make your first move, here are some tips to do it.

               First try to talk to her and ask her if you two can go outside and hang out. In that way she’ll be more comfortable and easy to approach if you’re going to say something. Ask her if she has a boyfriend so after you tell her, you will not self-destruct. Let her feel that she is special and important to you so she won’t be shocked when you tell her that you like her.

                 After you have set everything go talk to her when you two are alone to make you both comfortable. Ask her if you can court her and let her know that you’re serious to do what she wants and you will always be beside her.

                  A funny guy always makes a women’s heart beat. In my opinion every person loving and secretly keeping it should tell the person they want that they like them because if you’re going to keep it all by yourself, you’re going to regret it soon.



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