12 Sep

Nowadays, girls want to be loved by their boyfriend everyday like it’s their last day on earth. Even a small thing is a big deal for girls. They really like these small things which give them a “blush” or butterflies in their stomach. There are many different ways on how to show your love to your girlfriend.

First, stand up for her. Make her feel important, girls really like that. When you say goodbye, hug her for a moment even if there are people watching. Girls also like guys buying them something personal or special, like gifts. They also love surprises.

Then, take her out with you to movies or dinner dates. Share jokes, as this makes your girlfriend happy. If there is a food she loves, buy it and surprise her. Then, always call her back even if it is just to say I love you. This will show how you love her. Gather her up in your arms and kiss her in the forehead, rather than in the lips as this makes her feel sweet. If she is lagging behind, pick her up in your arms and carry her. Laugh with her in times of your stories or jokes. Always listen to everything she says. Understand them at all times even they are not in the mood. Never tell she’s ugly, fat or anything negative even if you’re kidding. If you start fighting, stop and say “I love you and I’m sorry. Can we stop fighting please?” Then, talk to her. Ask her sincerely if she’s alright or hurt. Then, when she is mad at you, never stop talking to her even she says “go away” or she never wants to talk to you again, and say sorry for what you’ve done wrong. Always ask her what you could do to make her happy. Look her straight to her eyes. This will show how sincere you are. Lastly, love her every second, every minute, every hour, and everyday. Especially, love her at her worst and tell her how much you love her.

In loving someone, you have to know what their likes and dislikes in a relationship. Like boys, girls are also sincere when she loves someone. If boys don’t like to be rejected by someone, girls are afraid to be hurt by their loved one. In these suggestions, your girlfriend will know how much you love her and you’re really happy having her. 🙂

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