Tips To Avoid Misunderstandings and Quarrels in a Family

12 Sep

Having a family is a gift that should be treasured and should be given importance. Everyone wants a complete family, which lives in a peaceful and harmonic life. No one wants to have a broken family that’s why we should make an action in order to avoid it. Maybe other families are experiencing this kind of problem but others may not, so here are some steps we can consider that can help us in building a good family relationship.

  • First,  try having an open forum with your family members. By having an open forum, you can tell them what is the problem and what ways can be made to solve it. It is important that all of the members of the family are present in a situation wherein everybody is involved. Try resolving such problems completely so everybody’s side can be expressed. Also, learn to listen and accept the things that will be discussed in the forum.
  • Second, respect one another. It is important that, all knows how to respect one another. Never fight back to any of your family members. Remember that elders should be respected and parents should be obeyed.
  • Third, give time for your family. Try having bonding moments in order to have stronger relationship with them.
  • Fourth, watch the words that come out your mouth. Everything that will be spoken is inevitable in which, the things you have already said can’t be taken back anymore. It is important to be more careful with our words so, no one will be offended or will be hurt in the family.
  • Fifth, be honest. Don’t lie to your family. Being honest is difficult for us, but with this your honesty will be tested and the willingness to take the consequences will strengthen the relationship of your family. Telling the truth will set you free. You will gain the trust of your family if you do so.
  • Sixth, be calm and speak in a gentle voice. be calm in having your conversation with the family in a gentle pitched voice. Avoid talking to them in high pitched voice because, you won’t be able to understand one another. The tendency with this is you will just keep on exchanging insights in a harsh manner. In calm conversation will maintain peaceful atmosphere and each one will be able to express their sides and feeling free to say it.
  • Seventh, try to discipline oneself. Learning to be more patient in everything is a virtue.
  • Lastly, strengthen your relationship with GOD. We should always remember that God is the most powerful of all. Pray to him and ask for his guidance and protection. He is the one who can truly help us. Attend the Sunday masses every Sunday with the whole family. Don’t lose hope if you experience problems but instead strengthen your faith with GOD because ” the family that prays together stays together”. Never remove God in your lives because he is at the center of everything that can help all of us in facing our every challenges in our lives.

Remember that if you make an act, you will be able to make a solution to resolve challenges. Be honest and everything will be on its best, which is the overall key to have the relationship stronger. Let God be part of our lives and always ask for his guidance.


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